RE: [CR]Please Read: New emphasis on proper CR list message sign offs..

(Example: Racing:Wayne Stetina)

From: "Neil Foddering" <>
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Subject: RE: [CR]Please Read: New emphasis on proper CR list message sign offs..
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 05:14:07 +0000
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You signed up for the list in the awareness of the rules; why complain when they're enforced?

Neil Foddering Weymouth, Dorset, England.
> Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 23:50:40 -0400
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> Subject: Re: [CR]Please Read: New emphasis on proper CR list message sign
> At the risk of becoming, like the pope's bike, excommunicated: in the
> immortal words of John McEnroe, "You cannot be serious!"
> I guess it hasn't occurred to ListOberHauptmann that indolence
> regarding the (many, petty) rules might be passive-aggressive chafing
> at the bondage-and-discipline tenor of this list. Or that the time
> invested maintaining that might be more productively spent doing
> something else. Some things for the membership to consider: how
> popular is this particular rule, and is it really necessary?
> Dale Brown carped, sanctimoniously:
> > Well, I just wrote my 10 thousandth private message (possibly an
> >exaggeration but it seems like that many) to a list member asking
> >them to sign off on their message to this list serve.
> >
> >It is only common courtesy in my judgment to tell people who you are
> >when you write a message. The behavior of many of the Internet's
> >participants makes it a most rude and obnoxious environment; people
> >hiding behind pseudonyms in the most cowardly way.... or people just
> >being grossly inconsiderate and self absorbed so as to not care
> >whether their correspondents know who is addressing them.
> >
> >I simply will not tolerate that behavior here in my "living room"
> >filled with friends who share their fascination with vintage
> >lightweight bicycles. And most of you agree that our standards are
> >similar. And nowadays it is relatively easy to add an AUTOMATIC
> >"signature" to all your emails containing the basic info about you
> >and where you are from, etc.
> >
> >Now, with yet another very nice non-USA member, I come to realize
> >again how wonderful it is to have a "community" that knows no
> >boundaries, indeed a worldwide fellowship here on the web. And
> >therefore it is even more important to say where you are writing
> >from, without lazy or casual abbreviations.? Let me quote from rule
> >#1 here:
> >" Please spell that info in a
> > "straight up" way, using no abbreviations or short cuts so people
> > readily understand. We want our members to know where we are from ; that
> > will assist in creating a community, one in which we are communic ating
> > "real person to real person," so to speak. If you cannot do this,
> > whatever reason, please do not join."
> >
> >What to do about those of you who are lazy or inattentive or
> >indifferent to oblige on this basic requirement?
> >
> >I am already spending tons of time writing individual, non-form
> >messages asking those who do not sign off properly. There seems no
> >end to it. So my latest idea is to just simply suspend those
> >offending persons and require them to sign up again with an
> >accompanying pledge to follow the rules.... The hassle to sign up
> >again is not any more than my time cost to write these redundant
> >warning messages; it seems only fair.
> >
> >So, I will try that for a while and see how it goes.... (Sigh)
> --
> Charles Wahl
> NYC -- if anyone reading is unsure where that is, then just email me,
> and I'll be happy to help you out