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Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 08:42:39 -0400
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From: "Lee Levitt" <lee@wheelman.com>
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Subject: [CR]Gold bikes

>Robert wrote:
>There were a rash of gold plated bike during the late seventies and early
>eighties - mostly for show - moreso trade shows - not just bicycle
>trade shows.
>And not all were Colnagos - a couple were made here in San Jose (Dale Saso +
>Someone Else?). Gold anondized Galli rims, brakes and cranks were common on
>Was a passing fad?

I saw a gold plated Condor hanging on the wall of a bike shop in Georgetown in 1972. It was all Campy, and IIRC, some or most of the frame was also plated.

I fell in love with Condors then, bought my own custom Condor 9 years later.

The Condor on the cover of Richard Ballantines "Bicycle Book" certainly helped as well...it was a beautiful example.


Lee Levitt
Needham, MA USA