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Subject: Re: [CR]What are our priorities? - Handlebar Weights
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 12:08:37 -0400

Gosh all this bandwith expended and I, at least, come to the conclusion that vintage lightweights and modern bikes are 1) completely different in technology, materials and aethestics, 2) each were designed to the best specifications of their respective era, 3) racing bikes used for real race s by real racing cyclists have different wear criteria than racing bikes of any era ridden by we plonkers regardless of the era or age and 4) I still don't like anything about modern bikes, never will, and feel no need to compare or contrast them with anything. I'd rather watch "Stars & Water Carriers" for the 32nd time than watch a modern cycle race. I guess that 's why I am a member of something called "Classic Rendevous". Wool, toeclip s and Reynolds 531 rule and I don't need a scale or a micrometer to tell me that.

Peter Kohler Washington DC USA

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