[CR]Re: sign politely and go ride

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Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 20:16:59 +0000
Subject: [CR]Re: sign politely and go ride


I'm a relative newby, have posted questions and received superb,prompt, c ourteous, and informative answers from posters across(around?) the planet .

Lurking in the background during the, er, 'discussions' about signage Ith ought for a moment I'd stumbled into a University committee meeting: you know the old adage, "The fights are so bitter because the issues are so small."

Then, at the end of one of my daily copiled bunches of CR posts was this from Sarah G.: sarahgibsonkansacitymissouriusa

** __@ ** = \<._ *** (_)/ (_) well behaved women rarely make history_ri de yr friggin bicycle_

in the guise of 'you've got to be this [] smart (tall - think kidscarniva l ride) to be here, her singoff may be non-standard but I'd hopeall here can parse the bits and figure out where she is.

And the "shut up & ride" message is absolutely on point.

Thanks, Dale, fer puttin up with us and having this site so I could learn how to rebuild some great old bikes.

For the grouches, relax - it's cabin fever after a long winter. Bestcure is to get out & ride. And as cruddy as the New Hampshirespring has been s o far, I'm taking out a '74 Gitane that's a singlespeed I rebuilt (short clean-up) in spite of the slush.


Bob Hillery Stratham, New Hampshire, USA (head north from Boston - that'd be the Colonial one for those of youwho tolerated the other George the Third longer than we did ..., justbefore t he Maine border make a quick left (west) - count to about 120and stop. do n't blink, you'll miss us.)