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Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 20:44:53 EDT
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Jack, Good question, and I've wondered that myself. Of course, my interest in any thread is a good 50% linked to my love of all things Torpado, and this post is no exception. Charles A. always "rants" (tongue in cheek) that Italvegas copied the diamond lug window design from Pogliaghi who had it in use since the 1960s. I respect Chas' interest and knowledge very much, however I still have yet to see any Pog with diamond windows that is older than the 1973 beginning year of Italvega (and perhaps Torpado) Superlights with similar design that was already in plan in 1972. I say similar, because the four sides of Torresini's / Lawee's Italvega diamond windows seem slightly concave, where I think the Pog diamond lines are straight. Certainly, there may be Pogs older than 1973 with the diamonds, but I have yet to see one documented yet. Now, I don't mean the "double exposure" diamond design ... just a single diamond in each lug. Whatcha' all got???

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When did Sante start putting DIAMOND CUTOUTS into his lug sets?



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