RE: [CR]Setting up a single-spd FW on a fixed hub!?

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From: "Thomas Dockery" <>
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Subject: RE: [CR]Setting up a single-spd FW on a fixed hub!?
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 16:17:11 +0000
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I have run Single speed freewheels on Campy pista hubs for quite some time. I have used several different manufactures too. No problems to date. Mo st of these freewheels (guess I can call them that despite only having one cog) fit pretty close wrt the thread depth of the freewheel vs. that on the track hub.

Just another data point,

Tom Dockery Los Altos, CA, USA> From:> To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.o rg;> Subject: Re: [CR]Setting up a single-spd FW on a fixe d hub!?> Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 09:08:43 -0700> > Everyone's experience wil l be somewhat different, but I've seen several > strip out the threading on
   the hub.> Maybe the chainline was off, perhaps the hubs were narrower thre aded in > amount of threads for purchase area, but most likely the hub may have had so > many cogs removed that the threads were thin and didn't have enough bite > depth.> Many single freewheels are a little wider than a sing le cog, and the single > cog usually sits almost directly above the thread where the single freewheel > usually sits just a little farther out and cha nges the angle a little in > relation to the cog thread relationship.> Why did all those old hubs usually come single side fixed and opposite side > w ide thread?> Were they for multispeed cogs or single freewheel when guys we nt to races > and reversed wheel sides.> Were there that many multi-speed f reewheels in use in England before the > war?> Granted. the factories could
   use the same hubs when making bikes and save > cost on sourcing original e quipment, going into the '70's.> It makes me wonder how much of this was a typical bicycle hold over in an > industry loathe to change old habits, as is shown still today in our > threading sizes?> Like I first wrote in my fi rst post, it's a chance, and not my choice.> Ted Ernst> Palos Verdes Estate s> California, USA> ----- Original Message ----- > From: "John Betmanis" <j>> To: <>> Sent: Wednesday, Ma rch 19, 2008 7:20 AM> Subject: Re: [CR]Setting up a single-spd FW on a fixe d hub!?> > > > At 11:25 PM 18/03/2008 -0700, ternst wrote:> >> I was going to respond and forgot. Here's my take:> >>One always takes a chance when pu tting a freewheel albeit a single on the> >>narrow track hub thread section .> >>Chances are it will be OK, but an aluminum hub is risky and a steel hu b > >>mght> >>be OK.> >>Personally I wouldn't do it.> >>The thread stress f rom the freewheel might be just too much for the hub to> >>hold especially under hard riding, and you may ruin a hard to replace> >>treasured hub.> >> You takes your chances. A 3/4/5 speed freewheel, hub suicide, a single> >>f reewheel, chancy, especially on an alloy hub.> >>Not on any of my bikes on my watch, neither a recommendation.> >> > I thought about that too, but how
   would it be any different than the > > torque> > from a single fixed cog? In fact, a fixed cog (with a lockring) would> > stress the hub threads in b oth directions alternately, unlike a freewheel.> > Well, okay, maybe a mult i speed freewheel would stress the threads when > > the> > chain is on the small cog, but not a single speed.> >> > John Betmanis> > Woodstock, Ontari o> > Canada> > _______________________________________________> > Classicre ndezvous mailing list> >> > http://www.bikel > > ____________________________