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Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 18:22:12 EDT
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> Turning to the subject of Lambert/Viscount frames and components
> brings to mind of a pair of large flanged hubs which I have had for
> years and yet when I've mentioned to various folks they do 'nt show
> any interest .So there they are , "unwanted and unloved". It is 'nt
> because they are worn or scruffy in any way but a complete reverse
> but almost perfect. I would judge these quick release hubs have probably
> only being built up once in their life time. They are complete with their
> skewers and engraved name "LAMBERT plus knurled edging on the red
> traditional back ground.
> So I wonder why , what is it about this particular range of components
> that leave a "nasty taste" with folks over here when they are mentioned.
> What opinion do the Lambert enthusiasts have say about the products?
> I wonder and I live in hope they may find a home one day as they have
> not ever fitted into any of my series of projects.

Hi Doug,

I have one each Viscount (chrome fork) and Lambert (Al fork and incomplete), as a British bike collector, having several Raleigh(es), Holdsworth, J-Taylor, C-Roberts, and etc.. the poor LAMBERT which was short lived, innovative design and ideas is quite interesting.

The quality of parts are not necesarly the top of the world, but the outstanding ideas/design in vintage bicycle history should be preserved. I do not know they made parts for cost saving or quality control purpose, but as a whole light weight bicycle, I think we shall respect what they were trying to accomplish.

I never judge or rank collectable bicycles from which country they come out, nor quality of parts, frame material, finish, and how many winning riders they had, and etc., but rather unique design, workmanship, and what IMPACT the bike gave in our history.

The talk of Lambert's "Death fork" is always intereting, although I would study them but would NOT ride seriously. Just look at them and enjoy!

Best Regards,

KEN TODA, High Point, NC

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