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Subject: Re: [CR]Lambert-Viscount sealed B-B
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2008 09:57:56 -0700


I've heard that you can have the shell threaded to accept an Italian BB. Something to investigate, anyway.

John Damiano
San Ramon, CA USA

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From: Mike Larsen
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Subject: [CR]Lambert-Viscount sealed B-B

> Fellow readers;
> Please excuse my demeanor for I just came back from
> the bike shop and was totally disappointed again. ok
> the bottom bracket on a sealed bearing
> Lambert-Viscount is about 40 thousands bigger than a
> threaded bottom bracket, then if you threaded it there
> would be little or no threads,now the guy at Park tool
> which is quite close to my house said there was two
> adapter style units that would work to update to a
> tapered shaft. The Mavic is out of production and
> there is a Stronglight product available. I almost
> ripped every piercing out of the bike shop queers head
> when he told me the Lambert frame was not a good ride
> just after he tried to sell me a tapered shaft that
> would not work and I had to tell him that the Lambert
> shaft was not the same. Oh yeh he says. He said it was
> to light and wippy what is a carbon frame light and
> non wippy, he quickly backpedeled when I told him I
> owned one with a threaded bottom bracket and the ride
> was great. Then I was told he would give a message to
> his parts guy who was to busy. I also looked on Harris
> cycle what a joke that web site is. I also got on
> another site and looked at many cartridge style units
> there must be something out there. I know this might
> not be the right thing to do, but what a ride this
> light steel frame could be with a good crank set up
> and with a small cluster five speed freewheel in the
> rear. I know the value of good tubing I strap myself
> in a front engine dragster with a 700 HP injected
> alchohol V-8 and hit the fun pedal !!
> Mike Larsen
> Saint Paul, Minnesota
> United States of America