Re: [CR]Suntour ORO / gold 6-speed Freewheels ??

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Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2008 15:41:25 -0400
From: "Joe Bunik" <>
To: "Donald Gillies" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Suntour ORO / gold 6-speed Freewheels ??
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Hi Don

Funny. I just pulled a freewheel last night off for a good cleaning that turned out to be all-gold. It's marked NWN (which I presumed meant "New Winner")... from a Lotus Odyssey wheel. Wide ratio 6-speed with a rather low top end.

It's going back on the wheel it came off (Sunshine Pro-Am + Araya red label), so not for sale but I can get you a pic if'n to the extent that you're curious.

=- Joe Bunik Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

On 3/20/08, Donald Gillies <> wrote:
> Do such things exist ?? I have never seen one on ebay, but it sure
> would be nice to have one, either in regular 126mm spacing, or in
> ultra-6 120mm spacing (13-24 or 13-26 would be perfect.)
> The Suntour ORO / gold freewheels that I have seen have always used
> either 8.8.8 perfect or Pro-Compe bodies. They have always been
> 5-speed freewheels. Can the Suntour ORO cogs from these freewheels be
> moved over to a Winner 5/6/7 (2nd or 3rd generation) body ?? The
> first-generation Winner bodies did not have the 5/6/7 spacing ability.


> Thanx,


> - Don Gillies

> San Diego, CA