[CR]Re: Lambert-Viscount Death Fork... Urban Legend?

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Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2008 08:42:12 -0400
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Subject: [CR]Re: Lambert-Viscount Death Fork... Urban Legend?

Just a point of interest...

I rode a Viscount Aerospace with the famed "death fork"?in Road Races & later Cyclo-Cross* in the UK for 4 - 5 seasons without any ill effect at all.

*Including at least one Three Peaks Cyclo Cross and latterly the 1996 UK Veterans' 'Cross Champs - after which the frame (not the fork) gave up the ghost - the clamp on the seat cluster fractured, so the frame went to the dump, I thought I'd had my money's worth, so wasn't grumbling...

But I still have the fork, now fitted to a late model 'improved' Viscount which came to me via ebay for $16 with a very nasty steel fork and very nice threaded B/B - so no prob's with fitting an axle.

Anyway.. I just wondered - has anyone out there actually had the 'death fork' fail on them? or known anyone who has? - or even can definitively name someone who knows someone? (you get the idea...)

Or is this just another urban legend - and we can blame the chap on the grassy knoll?

Just asking...

Incidentally, most of the rest of the bits that came on my new Aerospace in the mid '70s were basically crap, 'specially the pedals which by then had plain sintered bronze bearings and fell to bits in short order. Basically the only original?parts I now have left are the rear mech' (Shimano Titlist - excellent) and the fork.

Ian (30 years of living dangerously) Briggs
LUTON, Bedfordshire, UK.