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Subject: Re: [CR]Cycle Yvars and Tourist
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 21:50:41 -0400

I have an M. Yvars that is a moderately low end bike boom model. Undistinguished tubing, out of the crate plain lugs, standard fare French foil decals and built with Nervar Star crankset, Huret derailleurs and shifters with the rear a Svelto, CLB Racer brakes (they howl at least as capably as MAFACs do). Perhaps Exceltoo hubs laced to tubular rims. Can't recall the remaining details and the bike is presently on loan to a co-worker.

I recall that one of the seat tube transfers states "M. Yvars Constructeur". If M. Yvars was indeed a constructeur, this one is not an example. I also seem to recollect that Yvars may have been a distributor of parts based on a glimpse of some catalog scans somewhere.

Charlie Young
Honey Brook, Pennsylvania USA

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Subject: [CR]Cycle Yvars and Tourist

> 1.
> I have a 50s french randonneur branded "Touring", Cyclo Rosa suicide FD,
> Huret "Randonneur"-style RD, cottered 5-pin steel crank with Cyclo Rosa
> (?) chainrings. The frame is presumably 531, lugs unknown. The seat stays
> have a very slim wrap-over at the seat lug. The frame is box lined nicely.
> I will take pictures when my batteries are charged again. Any infos are
> gladly taken.
> 2.
> Anybody know anything about Yvars bicycles?
> thx,
> kim
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