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Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 05:00:58 GMT
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Just for the record, I ended up with 3 Montelatici frames. I got all of the small (50cm to 51.5 cm) frames that were missing the forks. I built a different style fork for each one. I believe I may have more Montelati ci frames than anyone else, with the possible exception of the Montelati ci family. Haven't had a chance to build and ride all of them yet. I'm s till convinced that these frames were indeed subcontract frames built by Cinelli.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA Going to be in Portland, OR this weekend packing the '53 Bentley for the
   trip to California.

-- Michael Schmidt wrote:


First let me say it is a beautiful bicycle.

There are actually 15 frames now in the USA. Matteo held back one for himself and eventually decided to sell it. In December 2005, I purchase d that frame and sent it out to Brian Baylis for paint and decals.

We should track who has these bikes. I know that Baylis has a couple, Freitas has one, so does Ann Peters and Dale Brown. Les Himel sold his and I think it went to Vlad Luskin.

To my knowledge, none of the bikes had serial numbers.

Mike Schmidt Stirling, NJ USA

On 3/24/08 10:45 AM, "Harry Schwartzman" <> wr ote:
> I am offering this Montelatici Special exclusively to list members.
> For those not familiar with these bikes, Montelatici possibly had thes e bikes
> built for him by his old friend Cinelli. Years later our Matteo Brandi found
> them at Montelatici's shop in Firenze and sent fourteen bare, unfinish ed
> frames over to the States to be offered to the CR list. There is a fu ll
> history on the CR website.
> So as not to disturb the exclusivity of this bike I am offering it onl y to
> list members.
> This one was painted and chromed by Ed Litton and looks beautiful. Has a Campy
> Nuovo Record grouppo, High flange hubs, VIp matching ar wrap and seat, Fiame
> red label rims, ITM bar and stem.
> The frame is 53cm square.
> pictures are here:
> 30376658
> 2500 plus shipping buys it, paypal preferred.
> Regards,
> Harry Schwartzman
> Woodside, NY USA
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