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From: <"tom.ward@juno.com">
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 20:59:22 GMT
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Re: Wholler frameset

Tim Gunn wrote:
>Just picked up a very interesting frameset. Similar
>to Waller, but the transfers on it say "Wholler" French model. The
>frame has been painted and these transfers have been added; underneath

>is what looks like the remains of the original red paint & lining. The

>frame has only a short seat post and also similar to Baines. The front

>forks have a nice piece of lug work down [from] the top on both sides. It does
>have a continental look about it.

The frameset truly is a curio. I "tinyurl'd" the link in case anyone had trouble with an incomplete hyperlink: http://tinyurl.com/24x58c I hope this machine will eventually get a complete restoration, though I 'm sure it would be quite a job, what with the need to reproduce the tra nsfers--although, then again, what we have before us with regard to the transfers may not be the original design. It isn't something I could tak e on in the near future, that's for sure, but I am happy to cheerlead fo r the idea. I'd be curious to hear more about not only Wholler--if anything is avail able--but Waller as well. Could this be a job for Norris? Do the transfers (on the "seattube" as it were--see pics) actually read "FRECH" rather than "french"? How odd. I count five letters rather than six--wasn't trusting my eyes at first (shades of the moonwalking bear). The crankset is very attractive, with the third attachment point for the chainrings being the crankarm itself. I believe this is a Stronglight p attern? The curved secondary seatstays are very appealing to the eye, and aren't those Stallard-pattern dropouts? Are those perhaps Universal "Mignon" b rakes? An Ambrosio stem? On second look, I think those are GB brakes....

Don't forget to name a price on items that are for sale--or hold off on mentioning it until they truly are for sale. From observation I know the listmaster doesn't take kindly to what may be construed as fishing, tho ugh I feel sure that was not the intent here. Thanks for showing us this very interesting frameset! Keep those parts o n it--and do help it get into the hands of a restorer! Very best wishes with this machine.

Oh! I forget to mention--what a beautiful twin-plate fork crown, and the
   radius of the fork legs is of that wonderful, deeper curvature. Note th e eyelet placement; it's of that higher, earlier variety. Tom Ward -- Brooklyn, New York; USA -- who would like to own a "Paris" o ne day.