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I'm impressed, but not at all surprised, at this price so far achieved on this bike-and I suspect it will rise higher yet. While it is true that some prize a yet earlier style, it's obvious that there are others who might prefer this era. The pantography and rare parts certainly comprise an attractive package, that, when multiplied by the bike's apparent pristine condition, readily explains its current price. As far as a true time-line, none is to be had-the the one on CR is a accurate as can be found. The serial number puts the bike about 1976-1979. I have a track bike from the same period. It is my understanding that Sante was still running his shop at that time. Pantography was simply more common on road bikes than track bikes-more stuff to pantograph, and furthermore, I believe that track frames were more frequently sold as framesets. I have pictures (sent to me by other collectors) of Pog track bikes from this period with pantographed stems and seat pilars. The most beautiful pantography, present on most Pog tack bikes, was on the fork plateau.
George Hollenberg MD

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> I have to say, I'm very impressed with just how high this
> Pogliaghi is
> going..
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> Nice bike, but not the really early style most prized by some of us.
> And am I wrong, or are those panto'd parts a little
> anachronistic?
> would this bike have come with those parts? Or were they
> installed
> later? It'd be interesting to know if the panto'd stuff showed
> up by
> the late 70s on Pogliaghis..I had thought that was an 80's artifact.
> It always struck me that pantographing and similar decoration on
> Pogliaghis was somehow not consonant with the track-racing fame
> of the
> marque. Such decoration seeming a bit effete for a marque like
> this. I
> can't help wondering if that sort of thing didn't end up on
> Pogliaghis
> after the maestro had retired..if that were true (and I have no
> proof to
> offer), then those parts would post-date that frame somewhat.
> Anyone here have the real timeline?
> Charles Andrews
> Los Angeles
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George Hollenberg MD