Re: [CR]Tire Direction --> ???

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Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 17:00:11 -0700 (PDT)
From: "John Barry" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Tire Direction --> ???
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Sounds like another shot-from-the-hip Jobst theory.

Anyone who has driven on good tires on a wet road, and then driven on bald ones on a wet road and not noticed a difference, would have to be either very distracted, or borderline comatose.

Hydroplaning is a very real phenomenon, and to suggest that tread pattern could not have some bearing on how severely hydroplaning affected a tire just doesn't have their facts straight. I'll leave the posting of citations on the topic to the engineers here.

John Barry Mechanicsburg (where bald tires wouldn't be a good idea tonight), PA, USA

> Anyway, here's Jobst on the subject (found on line).
> *snip from Jobst*
> * Tread patterns have no effect on surfaces in which
> they leave no
> impression. That is to say, if the road is harder
> than the tire, a tread
> pattern does not improve traction. That smooth tires
> have better dry
> traction is probably accepted by most bicyclists,
> but wet pavement still
> appears to raise doubts even though motorcycles have
> shown that tread
> patterns do not improve wet traction.*
> */snip Jobst*

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