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It depends on where the stuff flies off. If it flies off the top of the wheel then it is actually moving at double the speed of the bike so it would definitely be slowed down by air drag. Plus it immediately starts following a trajectory under the downward force of gravity. But this isn't the stuff that gets you wet. The stuff that flies off shortly after that part of the tire leaves the contact patch with the road is not moving very fast relative to the ground - it mostly gets flung upward and you ride into it.

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On 31-Mar-08, at 5:22 PM, Reid Fisher wrote:
> One thing to add to the post noting that stuff flies off tangent to
> the whe
> el: it comes off tangentially, but is immediately hit by a 20mph
> breeze th
> at changes its direction somewhat. Plus there's the magnetic effect
> of goo
> d shoes and pants if you're commuting.
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