[CR]anorther reminder for the April 19th CR ride in New Jersey

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Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2008 21:37:21 -0400
From: "G L Romeu" <romeug@comcast.net>
To: Classic Rendezvous <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>, Rita Romeu <romeur@comcast.net>, "Cheryl H. Cohen" <ccohen29@comcast.net>, Frank Kimchick <kimchick@princeton.oilfield.slb.com>, Patrick Worth <worthp@worthconsulting.com>, "Krueger, Brandy" <kruegeb@millstone.k12.nj.us>, bicyclepro@verizon.net, Arounkone Sananikone <arounkone@pureenergycycling.com>
Subject: [CR]anorther reminder for the April 19th CR ride in New Jersey

It is not long now, but still time to prepare and attend the first Classic Bike ride of the season in the late morning on Saturday, April 19th, Central New Jersey. The details were previously posted below, but the website now reflects the second shorter and flatter 19 mile ride which complements the first for those that feel that easing into Spring is more preferable. Both rides have numerous bail out options. http://studiofurniture.com/subweb/cr4_19_08/

The rides intersect at one point, and will join up for the last half of the shorter ride. Next week I will post an overlay of both routes.

The bridge is still out, and i have worked through a couple minute detour which does not have any mileage ramifications.


As sent last week:

Our own Steven M. previewed the scheduled ride yesterday with me, and as always, a pleasant late afternoon jaunt. No wind to speak of, unusual these past couple of months. A couple of red tailed hawks chose to grace us with their presence, a common but always interesting occurrence in this area. Anyway, he thought i should include an elevation profile for those concerned about these things, so i figured out how to do it and posted it here: http://studiofurniture.com/subweb/cr4_19_08/

It was quite interesting for me as i have been watching some of the televised pro races which illustrates similar terrain profiles. It is just like the Giro, 'ceptin just 200 feet verticality instead of 5000 feet, and 24 miles instead of 125...

Steven rode a Colnago, I rode an unknown lugged frame...

here are the previous notifications, 3/18/2008


this is the first reminder of the first publicly scheduled CR ride in the NE part of the US. The above link will take you to a possible route with satellite imagery of the terrain. this is the longest ride, but there are many 'bail out' points along the way if one chooses. there will be a shorter and flatter contiguous ride which seems to first cross paths then meet up with this ride as another option. more details forthcoming.... Please let me or Stephen Maasland know if you intend to come, as we want to be sure that all food requirements are met...

here is a copy of the initial invite...

After some polling for availability, we came up with the date of saturday, April 19th, for a tour of the rural farmlands of central New Jersey. Our location is east of Bordentown NJ, and reasonably accessible by public transportation of the light rail River Line coming from the south and NJTransit North. Both require some advanced notice to accommodate a pickup. My intention is to break it up into 2 rides that will meet, one of which relieves the participant of climbs and miles that this early date has not been supportive of your early preparation. HOwever, both rides are suitable for fixed riding, as the longer ride is my daily pedal on a 73.8 gear inch track bike. I am an average rider. Please plan to arrive sometime between 10am and 11am, we will leave in 2 shifts intending to wait for anyone who unintentially arrives late that has given advanced notice and it gives some latitude for those arriving by public transportation. I have an assortment of 60-64cm bikes available for loan, only one having the 'permanent' reservation of one of our group members (that is the red Cooper Martin- there is a green Cooper available). There are some fixed as well. All are set up with clipless, but i have quite a few caged pedals to swap out. Please give some advanced notice if you intend to attend, as Rita prides herself in her abilities in providing an excellent vegetarian spread.

I will be following up with reminders, maps and photos of the routes.

We are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible. On topic rides are preferred, but all are welcome (even French bikes)...If anyone has a 'theme' in mind, don't hesitate to suggest it.

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