Fw: [CR]A fewTedbits for your classic esteemed steed

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From: "ternst" <ternst1@cox.net>
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Subject: Fw: [CR]A fewTedbits for your classic esteemed steed
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 18:18:34 -0700

Straps, Blackburn eyelet adapters and freewheel sold. Thanks! The hand/palm/ wrist support grips are still waiting for a classic ride, feel, and squeeze. Anybody? Please scroll down and check it out. Ted

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Subject: Fw: [CR]A fewTedbits for your classic esteemed steed

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> From: "ternst" <ternst1@cox.net>
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> Subject: [CR]A fewTedbits for your classic esteemed steed
>> Several weeks ago Listers discussed about the following first two items.
>> Anyone still need/ would like:
>> (1) one pair NOS Campagnolo Athena Nylon straps still in a United Bicycle
>> Parts bag.
>> Buckles are marked INOX and are the classic white with the thin blue
>> stripe dowm the center. Price $12 includes shipping CONUS, or whatever
>> little more for overseas
>> (2) one set NOS-NIB Blackburn custom eyelets complete, to fit Campagnolo
>> dropout (or similar) to mount a rack.
>> Has the alloy back plate to fit the triangle space, the hard disc washer
>> for the outside and the longer hexhead bolt to attach your rack
>> Price $6 includes shipping, CONUS or slightly more overseas.
>> How about a more than 50 year old used excellent condition English
>> 1/2x1/8-18T single freewheel?
>> This came off a Schwinn SF Dural hub like came on old Superiors, etc. I
>> have a Very Sharp good Remover and just got it off. Probably not off hub
>> ever in those 50 yrs. It's one of those that has the grey body, looks
>> like pot metal, but maybe scintered? steel?
>> One side of the notch compressed just a little, the other side about a
>> 1/16, but with a good tool the freewheel could be removed several times
>> without a problem. This would be perfect for your double sided hub path
>> bike. Needs a little internal wash thru and some external, but it's very
>> nice.
>> Outside plate says "THE VILLIERS" 'MODEL DE LUXE"
>> Price $13 shipped CONUS, slightly more overseas.
>> Last item about 15/20 years ago a company whose name I don't recall made
>> some ribbed soft but rigid plastic handlebar R&L pieces that fit over the
>> curve on the bar tops and squared them off so the rider could find more
>> resting support surface and take pressure off hands.
>> I have a used but very good set that would be great for your comfort zone
>> on the bar tops.
>> Pop them on, tape the ends down, and enjoy your ride!
>> Price for uncommon US made item $8 includes shipping, CONUS, overseas
>> whatever extra cost is.
>> Cash, check, or PMO.
>> Thanks for looking.
>> Ted Ernst
>> 4140 Via Nivel
>> Palos Verdes Estates
>> CA 90274 USA