[CR]508 Mile Bicycle Race Offers New Category for Classic, or Classic Style, Bikes

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Subject: [CR]508 Mile Bicycle Race Offers New Category for Classic, or Classic Style, Bikes

I have endorsed Chris Kostman's use of the CR name for this new class in hi s event. Pretty cool idea. eh? Chris does a first class job with this race.. ..

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Subject: 508 Mile Bicycle Race Offers New Category for Classic, or Classic S tyle, Bikes

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Death Valley, CA -- Held since 1983 and known as "The Toughest 48 hours in S port," Furnace Creek 508 is the world's premier ultramarathon bicycle race. This non-stop 508-mile bicycle race is revered the world over for its epic m ountain climbs, stark desert scenery, desolate roads, and its reputation as one of the toughest but most gratifying endurance challenges available, bar none. The course has a total elevation gain of over 35,000', crosses te n mountain passes, and stretches from Santa Clarita (just north of Los Angel es), across the Mojave Desert, through Death Valley, to Twenty Nine Palms. I n 2008, it will be held October 4-6 and will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of its founding by cycling legend John Marino in 1983.

Solo, two-person relay, and four-person relay divisions are offered with ove r 200 racers expected to compete, comprising the largest field in the histor y of the race. Designed as an endurance challenge, no drafting or pack ridin g is allowed in any division. There is a 48 hour time limit for the solo div ision and a 46 hour time limit for the relay team division.

In honor of its 25th Anniversary, Furnace Creek 508 will offer the Classic R endezvous Division. The requirements to enter this division - which will be a sub-category of any Furnace Creek 508 division, whether solo, tandem, or 2 x / 4x relay - will be to race on technology from 1983 or older. Specificall y, this means:

- The frame and fork must be lugged steel (but built in ANY year, including brand new).

- No more than six cogs on the rear wheel.

- 32 or more spokes per wheel.

- Friction shifting on the down-tube, or bar-cons.

- Toe clips and straps.

Note: the frame and parts don't have to actually be 25 or more years old; ju st the technology has to be 1983 or older. "Style points" will be awarded to those whose entire bike, other than the obvious - tyres, cables, chain, bra ke pads, etc - are from 1983 or older.

For all the information about Furnace Creek 508, hosted by AdventureCORPS, I nc., click here:


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For more information on the Classic Rendezvous Division, click here:


This new division is supported and endorsed by Classic Rendezvous, a website and email group dedicated to celebrating classic bicycles and history, spec ifically bicycles with technology from 1983 or older. More info here:



Chris Kostman,

Chief Adventure Officer and Race Director