Re: [CR]Cantilever studs for 700c a 52mm c-to-c

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Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 17:25:39 -0400
From: "Michael Schmidt" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Cantilever studs for 700c a 52mm c-to-c
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Thread-topic: [CR]Cantilever studs for 700c a 52mm c-to-c
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I once owned a Boone McReynolds 700c touring bike with cantis. The space between the front studs were only 52mm. The bike had Shimano 600 stubby canti brakes. They were awful. I don't know what Boone was thinking or drinking when he designed that bike. That set up was so bad, the bike took forever to stop. Eventually, I took the bike down to Bilenky Cycle in Philadelphia and had them build a new fork with a wider crown which gave me 83cm of width.

Mike Schmidt Stirling, NJ USA

On 4/14/08 7:48 AM, "Daniel Gonzalez" <> wrote:
> I recently bought a KOF lugged steel custom built touring frame made by a
> man named Rob Pennell and marketed under his Badger cycles brand. Badger
> has very recently folded, hence my asking this here. The front fork has
> cantilever bosses at approximately the correct height (282mm c boss
> -to-axle center) but the width between the bosses is considerably more
> narrow than the standard 72-85mm (Sutherlands), at 52mm. Is there a
> vintage precedent fo this? If so, is there a recommended brake to mount?
> Thanks,
> Danny Gonzalez

> Lenox Hill

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