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Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2008 05:18:24 +1200
From: "Wayne Davidson" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]re: trestina woes
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Hi all, I ashamed to admit it was done by a fellow Kiwi, was for sale over here for a NZ$1000, nobody bought it, maybe if it was original, but not now that its been buggered with...............wayne davidson Invers NZ............

Charles Andrews wrote:
> Doug wrote:
> Here's my nomination for disaster of the year...
> "de gustibus" I suppose.
> D Wagner
> Richmond,KY USA
> *********
> JEEBUS! An object lesson in what NOT to do with a vintage bike. Makes
> me want to weep. He couldn't find a beater to ruin? And he puts it up
> on the web with PRIDE. JEEBUS! The horror!
> Guys. Gals. We have work to do, that's all I can say. The Philistines
> need to be tamed.
> Charles Andrews
> Los Angeles