[CR]Spring Cleaning Sale

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From: "Jon Fischer" <cuda2k@hotmail.com>
To: CLASSIC RENDEZVOUS <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2008 14:26:57 -0500
Subject: [CR]Spring Cleaning Sale

Trying to make some room and free up some cash for a few new purchases I ha ve either already made, or planning to make this spring. Prices do not inc lude shipping, but I always charge actual shipping charges and have plenty of boxes for most if not all of the items (including the rims)

1) 2x IRC Road Winner Duro II tires: 27x 1 1/8", used but lots of life left in them! Tan side wall, good tread, I like these tires, but they don't li ke my current set of 27" wheels. More the rim's fault than the tire though ! $20 for both http://jonpfischer.com/thecuda/photos/upload/For%20Sale/tn_IMG_0910.JPGhttp ://jonpfischer.com/thecuda/photos/upload/For%20Sale/tn_IMG_0911.JPG

2) Avocet FasGrip TimeTrial 20 tire. 700c, 20mm, slick tread. Tested this tire out for a short bit last fall, should have lots of life left in it, bu t complete history and exact age unknown. $10. http://jonpfischer.com/thecuda/photos/upload/For%20Sale/tn_IMG_0912.JPG

3) 2x Tubular Rims, 32h. One is a red label Mavic GP4, other is a Campagno lo Record PAVE. the Campy rim looks nearly new, GP4 has some brake surface wear, but still lots of life in it as well. Rather sell as a pair, but wi ll consider splitting. $40 for the pair, $25 each if seperated. Will incl ude a pair of used Continental tubular tires (condition unverified) with pu rchase of the pair!) http://jonpfischer.com/thecuda/photos/upload/For%20Sale/tn_IMG_0913.JPGhttp ://jonpfischer.com/thecuda/photos/upload/For%20Sale/tn_IMG_0914.JPG

4) SunTour Superbe Pedals with Christophe toe clips. NOS cages just instal led, pedal bodies in great shape, spin very smoothly. Will include origina l cages in case you want to save the NOS set for a later date. $70 http://jonpfischer.com/thecuda/photos/upload/For%20Sale/tn_IMG_0916.JPGhttp ://jonpfischer.com/thecuda/photos/upload/For%20Sale/tn_IMG_0917.JPGhttp://j onpfischer.com/thecuda/photos/upload/For%20Sale/tn_IMG_0918.JPGhttp://jonpf ischer.com/thecuda/photos/upload/For%20Sale/tn_IMG_0919.JPG

5) SunTour Superbe Levers. Missing one clamp ring and bolt, no hoods. Lev ers have been polished. $20.(photos upon request)

6) SunTour Superbe friction downtube shifters. For braze-on bosses (no cla mp). $20.http://velobase.com/CompImages/Shifter/F78E21ED-FC6C-4DCF-BFD3-4C BC2BF0A52A.jpeg

7) Regina Extra 13-23 freewheel. 6speed. $25http://jonpfischer.com/thecud a/photos/upload/For%20Sale/tn_IMG_0926.JPGhttp://jonpfischer.com/thecuda/ph otos/upload/For%20Sale/tn_IMG_0928.JPG

8) Ofmega brand 144bcd chainring. 53t. Very good condition. $25http://jo npfischer.com/thecuda/photos/upload/For%20Sale/tn_IMG_0929.JPG 9) Cinelli model 66, 42 cm width, polished center clamp area. Early/Mid-80s era, no cable grooves. few scratches. Photos upon request. $20.

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