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Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2008 17:15:43 -0400
From: "Barb & Dan Artley" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Central New Jersey Ride
To: "Classic Rendezvous" <>

Thanks Gabriel and Rita for providing one of the nicest days for riding so far this year, And the scenery was lovely, the ride lightly rolling, trees and flowers in bloom everywhere, and traffic was light. I still brought up the back on the uphills, but managed a bit of catch up on the downs.

There was an impressive contingent from the Jersey and North area, so many people I won't try to attach names. I may have been the lone rider from South of the Mason Dixon Line. And at least a couple of folks from West of Philadelphia, John Barry coming from Mechanicsburg, and Charlie Young, a bit closer. I caught up with Charlie on the way, as he was pulled to the side of the road adjusting the three bikes on the roof, two Coopers and a Bates.

I showed up just before the 10:00 am early time and wasn't the first. Mathew Bowne was there along with Jamie Swan, Paul & Rita Lee, and Mike & Robin Schmidt. Steven Maasland showed up moments later with a rooftop full of bikes. Mathew, talking recently about his future build of a touring bike, seemed to appreciate what I'd brought, my old Richard Sachs tourer from the year he was asking about, 1978. Charlie rolled in a couple minutes later and started to unload.

There were so many folks rolling in that we spent much of the time trading bicycles and riding in the neighborhood while gearing up for the ride. A few got to try out my tourer, as I've been espousing how well the Duopar works w/ Campy bar ends. I managed test rides of Charlie's two Ron Coopers, and the Bates he'd purchased from Paul Raley set up as a fixer with my first ride on a roller chain. It really did feel different from a 1/8" track set. Steven let me try out his beautiful Faliberto Maasi, with the round fork blades and all the pantographing bling, Ti bar/stem combo. I also got to ride a Colnago and Rauler. Lovely bikes all. Charlie's older Cooper was the perfect fit for me with it's Randonneur bars and British racing green paint and ended up being the one Charlie rode. Another bike that caught my eye was a Medici tourer, also from 1978 that it's owner, Paul? (sorry, I'm terrible with names) had built for himself, all black w/ yellow details, complementing my black and pewter (with yellow details) tourer.

Gabriel and Rita led two rides of 24 and 18 miles crossing each other part way, then finishing the last 7 miles or so together. Lovely scenery and good company makes for a great ride. And it was brisk on the longer one. With my Sachs tourer, still my principal ride and wearing the only bike computer of the bunch, we were averaging just shy of 16 mph, a good 2-3 mph faster than I do in my neck of the woods, and I wasn't really up in front. Photos of the ride posted so far show what a good time was had by all. John Barry was telling me about his restored Raleigh Professional that he's bring to Cirque and hasn't ridden since the repaint. ??? I don't know how you can have a perfect bike just sitting there and not riding it. !!!!!!!!! (Richard Sachs' emphasis!)

When we arrived back at Rita & Gabriel's house, all were treated to the "tour" of their "collection" and the house itself, an open floor plan 'A' frame with an extended cylinder that tapers out as it goes up. And the bike collection, very cool bikes, ... and more bikes. The upstairs balcony is laden with them lining the living room. Barb, can I bring a workstand into the living room too??? Bikes behind the stairs, bikes in the basement, virtually all ready to ride, English, French, Italian, and unnamed bikes. Gabriel has custom made a caliper holder for track forks that have no drilling, mimicking the Japanese ones rarely seen on the internet and in alloy that is just beautifully jewel like. I want one and I don't even own a track bike now!

The party began as soon as people began to congregate in the house. There was a lavish spread, many kinds of beer and sodas, and I spotted a Masi cork on the table. Gabriel led a large group out to his studio workshop for another tour. The crowd was almost too large to talk with everyone. I overheard Charlie Young describing me as the princess and the pea, only having perfect bikes. He needs to come down to my house to see my mostly beater collection. Out on the deck, the owner of the Medici with his two sons was talking about his old bikes being handed down to him from his father, most of the bikes being from the fifties. My kind of dad! There was talk of the upcoming Cirque' and future vintage rides. It all had to come to a close way too soon, as I had about a three hour drive ahead.

Cirque's coming up in June, and Barb & I will be hosting our vintage ride in July in Parkton Maryland, but these things are so much fun. Who's got one coming up nearby before Cirque?

Happy trails,

Dan Artley in Parkton, Maryland USA