Re: [CR]Worse color for a classic bike...

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From: "Richard Blume" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Worse color for a classic bike...
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 22:17:26 +0200

Hello Kurt,

Kurt Sperry <> schrub:
> paint jobs incorporating those colors. Think late '80s, early
> '90s neon/dayglo fad to find the worst of the worst in that vein.
> Hot pink,
> tennis ball yellow and slime green are probably the most egregious
> offenders. Bright is fine as long as the colors are close to
> primary
> in light- green, red or blue, secondary colors should be more
> understated. Neutrals like black, white, cream, metallic silver,
> bronze, copper, gray are almost never a bad choice. Two color
> limit
> per bike,

I really like colorfull bicycles as well as the other ones. There is nothing wrong with a cycle in a dozen colours. After looking on 100 cycles in decent black or racing green it is wonderfull to have a refreshing look on one of this funny cycles in sick colors. It isn't important what color(s) was used, I think, it is much more important how good the paint job was done. That some colors may seem to be ugly may be a problem with cheap and not so well done cycles often seen in these colours. Sometimes one have to look twice.

best regards, Richard

Richard Timm
Hamburg, Germany