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Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2008 18:17:02 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Michael Hendricks" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]SunTour Superbe BB
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Suntour Superbe/Superbe Pro spindles changed lengths as the cranks changed from 144 BCD to the final 130 BCD in the 90's. Lengths were also specific to the different cranks. The 144 used 111 in the early days, then to 109 on the 130 BCD cranks. My Suntour Superbe Pro which is 130 BCD uses the 109mm.

Michael Hendricks San Jose, Ca.

David Joshel <> wrote: Sun Tour Superbe spindles were ISO size, unlike most of the Sugino's which were JIS. Not sure of the length for a double, but I have an Italian track Superbe spindle and it's 109mm.

David Joshel
Davis CA USA

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Subject: [CR]SunTour Superbe BB

> I've heard a lot of talk over the years about Sun Tour Superbe BB's being
> "different". I think this started at Rivendell. What was different about
> Superbe? I thought the original Superbe crank was just a rebadged Sugino
> Mightly, which AFAIK was a total clone of Campy NR, including the BB. Was
> the "different" BB only of Superbe Pro? If so, what was the axle length
> for a Superbe Pro doubel?
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> Jerry Moos
> Big Spring, Texas, USA