Re: [CR]I need shoes to match my bike...

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Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2008 07:44:57 -0500
Organization: The Crimson Permanent Assurance
To: Don Williams <>
Subject: Re: [CR]I need shoes to match my bike...
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From: "John Thompson" <>
cc: Classis Rendezvous <>

Don Williams wrote:
> As I guess most here do, I'm riding clips and straps on my pedals...
> I went for a long (for me) ride today and the bottom of my feet are
> what hurt the most...
> What current shoes work well with clips/straps?

If you're riding in street shoes (as opposed to hard-soled bike shoes) you'll find a platform pedal to be much more comfortable. My favorites are the Lyotard "Marcel Berthet" model and the Campagnolo "Triomphe."


-John Thompson (
Appleton WI USA