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Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 02:46:04 -0700

Gentleman it is not appropriate to use this forum to launch personal attacks, criticisms or writing critiques! If you have a problem with a particular member please take it up with that member off line! I think it would be fair to give Mateo the time to contact Cristiano DeRosa so he can respond to the questions raised by Mr Hollenberg

John Waner Huntington Beach, CA. USA

n Apr 28, 2008, at 2:03 AM, kim klakow wrote:
>> Is you opinion based on checkin old bicisports or an actual facts?
> I like that. Are you saying that the photographs in the old
> magazines were faked? That wasn't Eddy riding the hour, after all?
> What about Simpson? Is he actually still alive?
> If anyone claims to have a "famous" bike he should give evidence of
> such;in this case maybe even of Moser himself. Or did bicisport
> report him deceased? Which Bianchi team manager? There weren't too
> many.
> Or is this the DeMosa the Pope never got.
> And, please Matteo, use the return key when you write your auction
> SELLING SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY make your text extremely strenuous
> to resd.
> grz,
> kim
> PS: So, who is this Moser anyhow?
>> Mr.Hollenberg et all
>> Is you opinion based on checkin old bicisports or an actual facts?
>> HAve you ever thought that this might be a repainted one?bikes were
>> passed on ,other pros and maybe amateurs,i wouldnt be surprised if
>> they got repainted.Ill call mr derosa today,as he didnt reply my last
>> email about those very details.BTW,on the cover on on old
>> bicisport,there is Moser with a MOSER branded bike that has DE ROSA
>> stamped seatstay caps.I also wonder,why MR.DE ROSA would lie?HE told
>> me that MOSER and GRADI rode with de rosa in the 70s and ARGENTIN in
>> the 80s.Also,the guy i got the bike from,is the same guy(hes an ex-
>> BIANCHI team manager)that i got a reparto corse built bianchi from. I
>> offered that bianchi to the list a while ago,and that was eventually
>> purchased by Ken Denny.Stay tuned,hope to get more infos as soon as
>> possible.
>> Matteo Brandi FIRENZE,ITALIA