[CR]more help needed for my franco-bike-Monsieur Nick March ecoutezs'il vous plais

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Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 13:01:24 -0400
From: "George Allen" <jgallen@lexairinc.com>
To: CR Mailing List <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]more help needed for my franco-bike-Monsieur Nick March ecoutezs'il vous plais

I asked for CR list help awhile back to suggest French components to build up my McLean frame for light touring service. I have now acquired a wheel-set with Maxi-Car hubs and Mavic clincher rims. I have some contemporary TA pedals but still may go with the Lyotard Berthets. I have a Stronglight headset and Pelissier randoneuring bar and stem. I'm still looking for a Stronglight or Simplex seat post anywhere close to 27.2 as I am not adverse to using shims. Brakes have been an issue. My frame was not designed with centerpulls in mind so if I go with the NOS Mafac Racers I have I'll have to use seatpost and stem hardware which is a little clunky. Does anyone have a recommendation for a quality French sidepull? The CLB's I've seen aren't much to look at. I passed on a 1980ish pair of Mafac sidepulls because they didn't look like they had enough reach. I'm set on either a TA Cyclotouriste or Stronglight 49/99 crankset. I don't want a triple so the TA and 49 will let me use a 26 tooth small ring, the 99 a 28. Any ideas on which is better? At least the Stronglight doesn't have the stupid decal that always falls off. For derailleurs, I would like the extremely hard to find Huret Duopar or the nearly unobtainable long cage Simplex Super LJ. Any recommendation as to which is better and, more importantly, where they can be found? I've settled on Ideale as my saddle of choice but I don't want one of those alloy-rail ass hatchets that go for $500 on Ebay. Monsieur March, can you help me choose an Ideale touring saddle appropriate for a 1982 bike, one that won't bankrupt me or ruin my derriere. I'm asking for your help specifically because of your recent posts concerning Ideale saddles. And because you're pretty damn funny, in a good way. If you are not familiar with McLean frames check out this link to our webmaster's site:


And if anyone has any of these components and would like to sell or trade please contact me off-list. I have a bunch of stuff to trade including dollars.

George Allen Lexington, Kentucky USA

PS: Thanks to Greg at Bicycle Classics and Chris at Velo-Orange.

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