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Subject: Re: [CR] Moser Track Bike on eBay...ancillary info
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cc: Classic Rendezvous <> Sometimes pro's names were placed on De Rosa bikes. Either by the use of decals (as in your example), pantography, and even plastic tape labels attached to rims (as in the link above-the post is pantographed "Argentin" and tapes with the words "Argentin" and "Sammontana" are present on the rims-not well seen in this photo). However, this having been said, such things are adventitous and may be easily added-they are however a part of identifying a team or pro bike-but not the whole story.
George Hollenberg MD

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Subject: [CR] Moser Track Bike on eBay...ancillary info

> The De Rosa track listed as a Moser ridden bike certainly is a
> nice
> bike. That said I have the EXACT same frame acquired last year.
> I have
> compared the frame I have with the pictures posted both on Ebay
> and Wool
> Jersey and conclude as best I am able that they are identical
> right down
> to the decals, livery, seat stays, fork, etc...
> My frame was acquired from a racer, Trevor Rice who is now in
> New
> Zealand. I reached out to Trevor this morning and according to
> him he
> purchased the frame while living and racing in Italy direct from
> the
> factory. He states in an email today "I was racing with a New
> Zealand
> team in Italy for 6 months not with Samontana and as far as I am
> aware
> Moser never rode for them he rode for Sanson".
> Incidentally on "some" De Rosa track models ridden by pros there
> was an
> engraving of the pros name and or initials on the top tube and
> fork
> crown. Not sure if this was at the factory or not but I have
> come
> across this on more than a couple De Rosa Pistas of the early
> 80's.
> Here is an example of one ridden by the Belgian Patrick Sercu:
> Jason E. Osborne
> Medford, NJ USA
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