[CR]bottom feeder's Rivendell Ram FS 54 x 55

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Date: Thu, 1 May 2008 11:29:37 -0700 (PDT)
From: "devon warner" <crabulux@yahoo.com>
Subject: [CR]bottom feeder's Rivendell Ram FS 54 x 55
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org, lyonstrings@yahoo.com
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Now, this is interesting. I realize that I like to ride my junky, scratched and dinged up old Gitane more than my Ramboulliet (maybe I don't even know how to spell that.) So, I have to sell to cut my heard down. I paid more for this than any other bike I have and ride it the least. Now, it is a very nice bike, but I think the top tube is too long for me and I seem to like something uglier when it's raining and I can't feel ok locking it up for long. And I think, it's too upright for me, a flexible, small, wirey female, I prefer a racier bike. Ture, the Gitane is more unstable, but maybe I don't mind the danger. specs: 54 x 55, blue, standard Rivendell build except I changed out the bar end shifters for Revendell's down tube shifters. Has a Brooks Finesse Saddle, velox bar end plus, comes with Nitto saddle bag support. Some small scratches, I have ridden it maybe 1,500 miles, and I think it had less than 200 when I got it. Wheels are still very true, nice, actually. Was originally built up at the Riv HQ in Walnut Creek, so I feel sure it's been frame-savered or Bo-Shielded. I want $1,900 for it plus shipping. Less, if your don't want the saddle. i will take some photos but not for a couple of weeks, since I don't have a camera right now. Any locals please call to come see it, ride it, we can have a cup of tea over it. Riv's current Ram w/ green paint: http://www.rivbike.com/products/list/bicycle_models#product=50-172 Photo of the work stand they sell with a blue Ram showing: http://www.rivbike.com/products/list/tools?page=2#product=19-081 This bike is going on CL as soon as I get photos, but I thought the list might be intersted in it, and of course you guys get first dibs. -dw 415-277-2562 (w) 415-596-6064 (c)

Devon Warner
San Francisco (Richmind Dist.), CA, USA

--- On Thu, 5/1/08, john strizek wrote:

> From: john strizek <lyonstrings@yahoo.com>
> Subject: [CR]bottom feeders?
> To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
> Date: Thursday, May 1, 2008, 9:46 AM
> For Dave Snyder; I guess we Sacramento area folks are just
> bottom feeders with no class. I too have several Raleighs
> and Peugeots. Admittedly they are low end bikes. I have had
> most for years and never been let down by them. I have a
> couple of Schwinns, one an old tanked balloon model and the
> other a Paramount. I certainly don't think of the
> Paramount as a high end bike. It rides like a truck, but it
> is an American built frame at a time when custom builders
> were not on every corner. My happiest ride eepitomizes poor
> brazing. It is a Sear free spirit made by Puch. Sure it is
> all 531 but it is not masterfully brazed. Despite the lack
> of quality in assembly it has a comfortable, predictable,
> and resilient ride. The only real change I made was to
> change the
> hideous metallic ripe lemon color. This is hands down the
> ugliest color. It surpasses my brown Raleigh Pro' in
> being unappetizing to look at. I would like to find another
> in good shape to restore to original despite its
> "pukey" look. I would like to find a decent
> Raleigh Super Course or a bike like Adam's sister's
> frame. So when in Sacramento call me when you have no
> class.John StrizekSacratomato California USA
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