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Subject: Re: [CR]Crescent Contest - Win A Free Set Of 1970's Replica CrescentDecals
Date: Fri, 2 May 2008 21:14:04 -0400

The Crescent transfer on the top tube is 130mm long from the beginning of the "C" to the distal end of the stroke of the "t". Positioning on the driveside begins 10mm from the end of the "Varldsmastarcykeln" transfer.

Any set of transfers to be awarded should go to someone who intends to refinish one. Mine seems happy with the patina that it has earned and probably has a lot more paint left than most of my bikes.

Charlie Young
Honey Brook, Pennsylvania USA

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Subject: [CR]Crescent Contest - Win A Free Set Of 1970's Replica


> Artwork for the replica decals apropos the rebuild on my 1975 Crescent
> Pepita Professional De Luxe 320 has finally been completed to my
> satisfaction. Which brings me to the point where it is now appropriate
> to
> solicit input from other Crescent owners and enthusiasts here on the CR
> List
> in order to bring this chapter of my latest project to a successful
> conclusion for all parties who might stand to benefit.
> As vintage cycling aficionados may already be aware, Crescent / MCB used
> the
> same basic decal scheme for a considerable period of time on their 300
> series offerings. Specifically, all but the seat tube decals were
> essentially unchanged from at least 1967 or 1968 until the year 1979,
> and
> even after that point in time, a few select models would appear to have
> continued use of these very same decals or a small subset thereof until
> 1985. With respect to those 300 series bicycles produced from the late
> 1960's through 1979, the ONLY difference in the decal scheme itself,
> excepting subtle changes in the primary seat tube decals, was the use of
> an
> additional stylized "CRESCENT" decal in the center of each side of the
> top
> tube through model year 1973. Inasmuch as my project bike happens to
> post-date that timeframe, it is absent this particular graphic. But I
> reason that as long as I have put this much time and effort into
> painstakingly replicating the decals requisite for my own needs, I might
> as
> well go the ever so small extra mile so as to create that otherwise
> "missing" decal for the benefit of those who might have need for same.
> Since the actual artwork itself is common to the larger stylized
> decal which appears on the down tube, all I really need to find out from
> someone else having a pre 1974 Crescent 300 series bicycle ready at hand
> would be the proper size / dimensions of that smaller version to be
> found on
> the top tube of their bike.
> So here is the deal..
> The first person to post publicly to the CR List the exact dimensions in
> millimeters of that small stylized "CRESCENT" top tube decal in
> accordance
> with the specific methodologies described below is entitled to receive
> OF CHARGE one brand new set of high quality, ultra-thin, color fast,
> die-cut, vinyl based Crescent reproduction decals once I have received
> the
> entire batch from the print shop (...figure one to two weeks time -
> tops).
> This offer covers provision of the decal transfers themselves as well as
> careful packaging and postage required for same to deliver the entire
> ensemble anywhere in the world having regular mail delivery. Please
> note
> that the decal grouping being reproduced WILL NOT include any seat or
> head
> tube decals - only those which would normally appear on the top and down
> tubes. For a pictorial representation of the various decals in
> question,
> please refer to the following photographs as posted to WoolJersey:
> <
> esc
> ent-Decals/>
> sce
> nt-Decals/
> . or .
> Referring to the third picture in sequence, you will find a
> representation
> of the stylized "CRESCENT" decal which normally appears on the down tube
> along with its measurements provided in millimeters. What I need are
> the
> actual dimensions of the similar but smaller "CRESCENT" top tube decal
> as
> determined by measuring it using the very same vertical and horizontal
> points detailed in that picture. The easiest and most accurate way to
> perform this task is to take a flexible fabric tape measure which has
> metric
> increments and stretch it taught along side the decal in question at the
> designated points being careful so as to follow the actual curvature of
> the
> top tube.
> For anyone else who may be interested in procuring their very own set of
> reproduction Crescent decals as described in the photographs posted to
> the
> aforementioned WoolJersey album, this is your chance. To plagiarize
> that
> which I posted to the CR List back in January, this will be a ONE TIME
> printing, the size of which will be based upon those who contact me "OFF
> LIST" and express an interest in purchasing a set for themselves
> (.pricing
> will be subject to some extent upon how many sets will need to be
> printed -
> but I will stipulate that amount in advance of requesting payment or
> having
> those decals actually made on behalf of others). The objective will be
> to
> have no "spare" sets left over after all interested parties have paid.
> If
> there are a few such extras (...which means that someone who said they
> wanted one failed to "pay up"), they will quickly be offered on eBay for
> competitive bid starting at the quoted sales price (...i.e. I have no
> intention of holding any "stock" of these - so perish the thought that
> anyone might have about procrastination possibly serving them well in
> this
> matter). And just so that everyone knows, I still intend send a spare
> set
> off to Greg Softley in Coffs Harbor, Australia such that he might be
> able to
> get a jump start on replicating these very same decals should he chose
> to do
> so at some future point in time (.and it will be entirely up to Greg to
> determine when and if that will ever occur).
> Robert "decorative declaratives" Broderick
> ..the "Frozen Flatlands" of South Dakota


> Sioux Falls, USA