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Date: Sun, 04 May 2008 12:12:02 -0400
From: "Michael Schmidt" <mdschmidt56@verizon.net>
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Thread-topic: Trexlertown Swap Report
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Subject: [CR]Trexlertown Swap Report

Dearest listmembers,

Under grey sky with the temperature hovering around the fifty degree mark, the 2008 spring T-Town swap was held. The velodrome track was being resurfaced so the infield was not available. Management rented fence and made a ring around the parking lot area for the vendors. The pro vendors kept their space in the front entrance. Ray Homiski, Larry Osborne, Tom Hayes and I shared a corner space which was larger than most. It sort of served as the unofficial CR Listmembers meeting area. I thought that due to the iffy weather, vendor and customer headcount was down.

There were a few good buys to be had though. A set of four Mafac NIB Canti brakes for $20. A suede leather Cinelli sock for tubular tires, Giles Berthoud handlebar bag for $100. A Rochet frame set, Bob Jackson bike for $750. And a 58cm Italian Masi GC with twin plate fork crown that Homiski was selling. Of course Curtis & Joel were there buying up the joint before the sellers had a chance to unload their vehicles. Despite their best efforts, they missed a few items.

We stayed til 1:45pm but bagged the post swap ride as it was damp and raw.

Wayne Bingham and I passed around the cirque flyers and made sure that every vendor had one. Many comments from people saying that they were going for the first time.

Seen at T-town: * Wayne Bingham * Larry Osborne * Tom Hayes * Ray Homiski * Dave Neuhaus * Paul & Rita Lee * Mattie Bowne * Stevie Klein * Sam Fitzsimmons * Simon Firth and the Bilenky Boys * Steve Kinne * Tom Dalton * Greg Hahn * Kevin Kruger * Billy Rounds * Dan Artley * Barry Scott * Charlie Young

Did I miss anyone? Sorry iffn youse name is not menshuned!

Mikey Schmidt
Il Guardiano Pensionato de BVVW
Stirling, NJ