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Subject: Re: [CR]Christophe Road Bike
Date: Mon, 5 May 2008 10:53:59 -0800


I'm interested in seeing "shamrock lugs", as well. Heve you any photo's?

Not sure what "shamrock" implies, but the lugs on this one are a highlight. Angular, open and "crisp", appear to be made from finely-crafted, relatively thin sheet? Not chromed, thankfully, as the chromed parts on this bike have suffered, a lot in some places, especially the crankarms.

I'll look for any Automoto clues, but can't remember seeing that printed on the rather-pristine head badge.

Did yours have 650B originally? 4-speed? This one's a racer. Only apparent modification was someone shortened the reach of the brake levers, each one neatly bent, though rather sharply, about 3/4 up from the bottom. Looks like professional work, perhaps done at time of purchase for the unknown "rider".

I find myself very busy with things this month, but increasingly eager to do a photo shoot when I can get out there to my friend's storage. BTW, the bike appears to be my size (56-57) and a good two sizes too big for him...

Can anyone recall the term that someone recently coined to describe a non-restoration "restoration"? Rough as this one is in places, I commit to first do no harm.

I must get photos, I must get photos...

David Snyder
Auburn, CA usa

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From: Daniel Dahlquist
Subject: [CR]Christophe Road Bike

> David Snyder and Group,
> I have a late 1950's to early sixties E. Christophe Mixte bicycle, which I
> am in the process of completing. It is made by Automoto, and has the
> typical shamrock lugs, aluminum headbadge, steel cranks, Simplex
> piston-spring derailleur, aluminum fenders, etc. My bike was pulled from
> a
> dumpster in Kansas City. Mark Pace of Independence Missouri built some
> lovely 650B wheels for the bike (original wheels were missing). I am very
> interested in seeing photos of only the second Christophe I am aware of!