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I will stick my neck out here...having seen a number of Rossins back in the time and at a few shops, they were nice Italian frames somewhere close to a Basso or perhaps a Somec. I've also seen them up close on rides. Mid-level in price vs. Masi, Cinelli, Olmo, DeRosa, Colnago, etc. I didn't see the link to the picture. No doubt some one out there can provide more color on the Rossin.

Seth Romanow
Bellevue, WA USA

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> I am about to look at a Rossin bike, SR equipped, in 2 days -repainted red
> no decals, pantographed Rossin and cuttouts.Pretty definitely a Rossin.
> Have
> pics from seller. My Masi is 54c-t and toptube same. I don't recall
> standover height of my Masi (my Masi frame is now being painted by Joe
> Bell)
> Current owner says Rossin is 32 "standover height and he has a 30" inseam
> and he says it feels slightly small for him, esp. in the top tube
> length.(that's good for me have short arms- a 32 sleeve length. My pants
> inseam is 29.Is there a good chance this will fit me? I am getting excited
> about this one. From the pics I like the bike!
> The bike appears to be SR equipped. Were Rossins pretty nice bikes?
> Perhaps
> someone can tell me approx size and age from the above and pics-My guess
> is
> it is an early 80's bike. It has top tube cable guides. Any opinions info
> appeciated- I can email pics.



> Mark Cutrufelli

> Laurel,Maryland