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Date: Thu, 8 May 2008 06:50:53 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Record or C-Record.
To: John Hurley <>,
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I don't think it is elitist distain. It was just that Dale felt the need to draw a line somewhere between between classic and modern. I personally really like C-Record, and just got through rebuilding a Colnago DUALL with a mix of C-Record and Croce d'Aune. I suspect a lot of other CR members collect C-Record also. And in fact, IIRC, a few years ago a Bianchi Centenario with a full C-Record gruppo won a major prize at Cirque.

Originally, the rule for CR was bikes and components at least 20 years old. That rule would have by now made C-Record On Topic. But a few years ago Dale froze the date at 1983, excluding C-Record. Personally I'd like to see C-Record allowed, as most C-Record gruppos were IMHO definitely classic, with no index shifting or clipless pedals. But in the C-Record era Campy did offer some pretty bad Syncro shifters and some absolutely terrible clipless pedals, which I have heard described as the heaviest clipless pedals ever made. So if the date were relaxed to include C-Record, these un-classic components would be allowed as well. And the larger problem is that such a date would include indexed components from Shimano and Suntour and clipless pedals from a number of manufactures. So I think Dale is afraid of allowing "the camel's nose in the tent", as it were. Maybe he is being over cautious, but it is his call in the end.


Jerry Moos Big Spring, Texas, USA

John Hurley <> wrote: Deborah McDonald wrote:

Good day, I am wondering how you can tell a C- Record
>From a Record, there must be certain markings,

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Deborah McDonald Brighton, Michigan U.S.A

Deborah, I'm hardly an expert, but I took a quick look on and apparently C-Record means Corsa Record. Velobase has some 18 components listed from this group, with photos, and of course they also list examples of Nuovo Record and Super Record. I believe several of the photos on the velobase home page are C-Record, probably chosen because they are such beautiful components and such good photos. I seem to remember detecting a trace of elitist disdain on the CR List for these components, possibly because they are too modern to be on topic.

Regards, John Hurley Austin, Texas USA