Re: [CR]Record or C-Record.

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From: "Richard Timm" <>
To: "Jerome & Elizabeth Moos" <>, <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Record or C-Record.
Date: Thu, 8 May 2008 16:33:54 +0200

Hi Jerry,
> as well. And the larger problem is that such a date would
> include indexed components from Shimano and Suntour and clipless
> pedals from a number of manufactures.

As I ride clipless on all my cycles I wouldn't call it problem. :) In fact there is nothing that improves riding more than this.

Indexed shifting wasn't an invention of the eighties by the way- Suntour had it back in the end of the 60ies when I remember well*. The market didn't accept it.

To come back to the C-Record: it was a very nice gruppo, that didn't work as good as it looked. Very nice finish indeed... good stuff for all this fixielovers that may want the cranksets. (just kidding a little bit).

I would like to include cycles later than 83 as I also have no problem with old alumium or carbonframes. Alan is classical and vitus 979 is also. They were ridden by almost every team I guess, just the decals changed. But there may be other places to discuss parts and cycles that aren't on topic here.

best regards, Richard

Richard Timm, Hamburg Germany

* Quote: "Interestingly, SunTour's made an indexed stick-shift lever, called 5 Speed Click, in 1969. SunTour also made a combined freewheel plus rear hub, called Unit-Hub, in 1969 for small wheel bicycles. This was a decade before Shimano offered indexed shifting or freehubs. SunTour did not follow through on either of these innovations. "

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