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... sound like someone may have a bit too many "mushy' peas into his pint today.

robert clair
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> The subject words of the of the song made famous by Mary Hopkins
> Quote ,"Those were the days my friend , We thought they'd never end"
> Now after reading copy of the book ,The Young Cyclists Handbook, they
> certainly did end with cycling and bikes heading for the complicated and
> shoddiness as with the bikes we have today. It sets out an era of
> clubmanship , simplicity of bike and rider , machines which were made
> to last , equipped with a range accessories to which riders could obtain
> spares instead of throw away and replace the whole item as is the
> practice today.
> Although the book was only written in the early 1980's its illustrations
> go to show how quickly things changed because it was about this period
> that we experienced the last of simplicity and real genuineness in bikes
> and their manufacturing. The days of exposed brake cables , friction down
> tube gear changing , toe clips and straps , the shine of chrome parts and
> so the list could go on! No one is is to blame , its all supposed to be in
> the name of progress is the answer, or so I'm told!!
> We the collectors/restorers and riders are indeed fortunate in choosing a
> pastime in which we can still enjoy the feeling of a by gone era. Just
> a thought ,perhaps Dale selected his on topic cut of dating correctly
> when looking back its when man and machine changed for good and
> for sure not for the better!


> Doug Smith

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