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Subject: Re: [CR]FS: Dura Ace 10mm PItch Track Group
Date: Sun, 11 May 2008 22:06:01 -0500

... for what it's worth, a year or two or so from ebay for $875 or so ... we got 36 hubs laced to araya rims, tied an soldered. the crank, several sized rings, several cogs, a lock ring, and a bb. and oh yes, a complete chain. i thought it was a good deal because nothing had been offered for some time.

i like the way they look. anyway the lock ring seems standard shimano, as would be the bb size, the wheels etc.

the crank, rings, chain (the holey grail of this group) and of course the cogs are not. sometimes you see cogs asking for $50 each on ebay.

match it up with mks and nitto and what's not to like ...

robert clair
alexandria, va usa 22308

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Subject: [CR]FS: Dura Ace 10mm PItch Track Group

>I have most of the components of a Dura Ace 10mm Pitch track group for
> All parts are in good to very good condition. The cranks are 165mm with a
> 49
> tooth chainring. The hubs are 36 hole. There is enough to chain to wrap up
> a
> 16 tooth cog on a standard track frame. I am asking $275 shipped conus.
> The
> only parts missing are the bottom bracket(easy to find, it's the standard
> 107mm bb most Japanese track cranks use) and the cog, also easy to find.
> Pictures can be found here:
> _
> (
> please feel free to ask questions by private email.
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