Re: [CR]Slipping Huret DT shifter

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Date: Mon, 12 May 2008 20:26:04 -0400
From: "Eric Goforth" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Slipping Huret DT shifter
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David Bean wrote:
> I wonder if I'm missing a part - even with the thumbscrew cranked down and
> the steel plates coarsely sanded, the rear der doesn't want to stay on the
> biggest cog. From outside to inside I have: the thumbscrew, a decorative
> disc, a steel disc with a leg that hooks into the bottom disc, the lever
> itself, and the bottom steel disc w/a square hole and another hole to engage
> the leg of the top disc. This is one of the long armed shifters, on a 69
> Paramount. Are these the parts I should have or is there another disc
> somewhere?
> David,

I haven't seen anyone answer your question, I don't know if your shifter is assembled properly, it sounds like it probably would be. You could take the lever off and screw the thumbscrew all the way into the boss and compare the width of that measurement compared to the thickness of the lever, to make sure that the thumbscrew isn't bottoming out before it's applied enough pressure to the lever, etc. If it is bottoming out that would indicate that you've got the wrong parts, missing parts, or that you need to check the threads on the shifter boss or the thumbscrew.

Another thing you could try would be a little blue locktite (or maybe the wicking grade) on the disks to see if that would add some friction, not sure how well that would hold up since the parts are sliding against one another, it might start slipping again pretty quickly, but since all the parts are metal, I don't think it would hurt anything and it would be pretty easy to clean off.


Eric Goforth
Durham, NC, USA