Re: [CR]WTB: Clark's Easy Glide Cable Set ...

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From: "Robert Clair" <>
To: "Ken Wallace" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]WTB: Clark's Easy Glide Cable Set ...
Date: Mon, 12 May 2008 21:23:20 -0500

... and thank you again so much. goodness we love this stuff. i bought a '73 hetchins from skip lyle in arkansas many years ago. it has these baby blue cables on it ... what were these ... but dale brown explained that ... these were "clark's". god in heaven, can't someone in the usa make these things. we just put dark blue ones on a wizard, some medium blue (faded) on a ron-kit, and some ice blue are going on a woodrup. these pinks are for an old erickson. dang, we even have some green and red now.

when it rains (like these last several days) sometimes it does pour down like silver.

robert clair
alexandria, va 22308