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Subject: RE: [CR]Re: pedaling circles -- myth
Date: Fri, 16 May 2008 18:39:23 -0400
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I was surprised by this study when it came out too. Apparently pedalling i n circles isn't as important as we all thought, however I'm sure they are p ulling back to an extent. I was never a top racer, but I used to know it w as time to buy a new pair of Binda Extras when I'd pull out, usually during an acceleration on a hill.

I imagine they'd see more pulling up and back during sprints and climbs. T esting has shown that mountain bikers have the smoothest pedal strokes (to minimize tire spin on loose surfaces).

Eric Goforth Durham, North Carolina USA

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>From an analytical standpoint, the work of the mythbusters leaves many que stions unanswered for the majority of cyclists.

1) The optimization results are for a 40K time trial. Is this relevant for real world cycling done by many of us - i.e longer rides and hills?

2) Even if the elite riders are pedaling unevenly, they may still be doing a lot of "pulling up" - if not their peak torque differentials might even b e much larger. So to be an elite cyclist perhaps it is first important to have a strong "pulling up" ability.

3) For the slower control group, might it be that there are countless indiv iduals who couldn't make it up to even the "slow" level becasuse they don't pedal smoothly? Perhaps a very large sample size would show that the smoo th pedlers are more likely to be excellent racers, but not in the elite gro up!

4) Even the study cited notes that for many riders, having non-round pedal stroke may have negative influances on long term cycling health.

So in conclusion, be wary of those who see correlation and infer that it im plies causality!

Mike "Binda Extra Straps really were better" Kone in Boulder CO USA - where the mashers blow up their knees.

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