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Subject: Re: [CR]Gettin a track frame...size?
Date: Sun, 18 May 2008 10:49:12 +0100

Hi Matteo Generally speaking I've found that when I was taking orders to build a track frame most went for a slighty smaller size, for eg a rider who rode a 58cm road frame would go for a 57cm track frame..........but the point to watch out for is not only does this allow more seat post to be exposed but also the stem, and sometimes this can be a problem if the rider had his stem quite high to begin with, common sense really.

regards. Kevin [who doesn't own a Porsche, but has a Peugeot!]

Kevin Sayles. Bridgwater Somerset UK

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> Hi Matteo,
> matteo brandi <> schrub:
> I cycle on a 60cm frame normally (measured middle of bb to top of tube).
> My
> track frame is 57 (Diamant, GDR). Seems to fit. It depends on the geometry
> so the height is not all you have to know, I guess.
>> (i own a Porsche too)
> Take the biggest frame you can get, in this case. :)
> best regards,
> Richard
> Richard Timm,
> Hamburg, Germany