Re: [CR]Removing a stuck left hand pedal in Williams chromed crank

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Date: Sun, 18 May 2008 21:44:16 -0700
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Subject: Re: [CR]Removing a stuck left hand pedal in Williams chromed crank

At 10:49 PM -0400 5/18/08, John Betmanis wrote:
>At 10:11 PM 18/05/2008 -0400, Paul Williams wrote:
>>Any ideas for loosening a stuck rat-trap pedal froma left hand 1960s
>>Williams chromed crank? Came that way! Want to use the cranks but the
>>pedals are junk.
>I assume you've tried a pedal wrench. These are usually longer-than-normal,
>thin, 9/16" wrenches, that require a sharp rap with a hammer to loosen the
>thread. If the pedal is junk, disassemble it from the spindle and clamp the
>spindle in a large bench vise and try turning the crank with a big pipe. If
>it doesn't want to budge and the crank might bend, heat and quench the
>spindle a couple of times to loosen the threads. (You know, of course, that
>the LH pedal gas a LH thread.)

Last resort is sawing off the pedal spindle, then carefully removing the remainder with a belt sander. Once it's almost gone, it'll be loose enough to remove. You do need a pedal with an Allen hole on the inside of the spindle... I had to do that once on a bike that came to me with pedal stuck. Neither force nor heat would budge it, and I applied plenty of both!

I haven't tried drilling out the spindle, but that should work, too.

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