[CR]My Bauer WTB Bluemels red fenders

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From: "Schmid" <schmidi@gaponline.de>
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Date: Mon, 19 May 2008 16:31:11 +0200
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Subject: [CR]My Bauer WTB Bluemels red fenders

Fellow Lismembers, I have just uploades some pics of a nice old mid-fifties Bauer Reynold 531 frame which I got recently and fixed and cleaned as far as neccessary. It features the typical Bauer Weltmeister paint scheme in red and yellow. I am not sure whether the flat touring bars are original, but as the bike came with fenders this might be possible. Since the wheels were obviously wrong I build up a set of Altenburger clincher rims with Pellissier Plume hubs. I have gotten those rare rims over a time span of 21 years from the same bike store. When I was 16 my fathter wrecked a rim on my first Bauer (low level just name branded) and I got the first rim to exchange the bent rim. I used this wheel quite some time on different bikes until the hub was shot. I trashed the hub but kept the rim in storage for about two years. Last year I visited that biek shop again, asking for old parts and he came up with that second rim he still had, in ist original wrapper. So I polished up the old rim to complete this nice wheel set. I have found out that these Altenburger rims were availabel around 1955 thanks to listmember Martin Appel who just recently has posted some beke catalogues of that era, showing those rims. The frame was in need of an derailleur since it came with an huret front mech and a Shimano 105 rear but also dual cable stops for a Luison Bobet mech. Since the latter is almost unobtainium I decided to put on the the Alvit mech you can see in the pics. As the front fender is cracked and missing a part I am lokking for a good and usable brilliant red fender. If anybody has one or a set of matching fenders, I am willing to buy or trade. Please let me know what you have. Pics of the bike and some other Bauers are here: http://www.wooljersey.com/gallery/Drexl/Bauer/


Fender colour is here:


BTW: note the nice saddle the bike came with, I think this one alone was worth more than I paid for the whole bike....



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