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Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 17:23:18 +0100

Hi Harvey, and listers I had the pleasure of meeting Tony on a 'vintage cycle ride' a year or so ago, nice chap, in fact they all were. The ride was a complete surprize for me sprung on me by a friend, we turned up at another friends house, a serious collector called John Malsede, and I was presented with my bike for the evening, a 1930s Singer complete with oil lamps [which were used later!] unfortunately the bike was way too small for my legs, but nethertheless we all set of on various vintage machinery and cycled through quite country lanes in Essex to a typical country Inn, where we ate and drank several pints of ale before lighting the oil lamps and staggering back to our starting point. A wonderful evening, one I'll remember despite the discomfort of my ill fitting bike, must do it again sometime.

cheers. Kevin Sayles
Bridgwater Somerset UK

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> robbie fellows asked,
> is tony colgrave the only source for brooks saddle repair? i have a pre
> war saddle i believe that needs work the one with the long nose.
> or does someone have a nice one?
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> Tony Colegrave did a late 30s B-17n for me this past year. It was not
> inexpensive by my standards, but worthwhile. I did not send him the old
> cover, but the new one exactly matches the embossing, emblems, etc on the
> original. I am a Colegrave fan.
> BTW, for those who don't know, Mr. Colegrave is a retiree, a hobbyist. He
> never worked for Brooks, and his true passion seems to be much older
> saddles than the 30s.



> harvey sachs

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