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The title sayeth it all....

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most of my bike riding dreams progress into flying dreams. i mean i am riding and i suddenly discover that the bike is missing and i'm still in the air flying along. or that i have put the bike somewhere and i'm off somewhere else and i have to go back and get it but i know by then it will be gone, which makes me so sick i wake myself up. devon warner in foggy san francisco USA

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\r?\n> ... does anyone else have these.


\r?\n> when i could ride, all my bicycle dreams had to do with

\r?\n> parts falling off,

\r?\n> flat tires, etc.


\r?\n> now that i can barely walk, i ride in my dreams like a

\r?\n> flyer (with toe strap

\r?\n> pedals no less).


\r?\n> what do i know, it's a pretty full moon now, and fed ex

\r?\n> just dropped off a

\r?\n> box of wood rims.


\r?\n> life is strange.


\r?\n> robert clair

\r?\n> alexandria, va

\r?\n> usa