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Subject: AW: [CR]vicini bicycle
Date: Wed, 21 May 2008 16:06:50 +0200
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Mariusz, Check out the date marking on the back of the cranks, there should be a diamond, acircle or a square with a single digit in it. The symbol gives you the decade, (diamond 70ies, circle 80ies, square late eigthies) the digit the exact year in that decade. Compare withe the Campy timeline here: I guess you will find out it is around 77 to 82 or so, given the parts are original to bike, but that seems to be the case.


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hi everyone, I have just bought this bicycle : obacz_.html

Campagnolo nuovo gran sport group. Do you have any idea what is the most likely year of production of that bike ? Is this columbus tubing ? It does not have any columbus marks.

My vicini does not have any columbus stickers, but there are BREV CAMPAGNOLO signs on frame, yet no stickers. Could you provide any information about vicini bicycles ? Is this top of the line model in production ? obacz_.html (I doubt it - top of the line model should be equipped in super record group). The only information I found is this : which looks quite similar to mine (and it has columbus sticker).