[CR]FS: 1 of 38! New Colnago track frameset - Futura

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Date: Sun, 25 May 2008 23:49:09 +0200
From: "Dustin Nordhus" <lilo_77@gmx.net>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]FS: 1 of 38! New Colnago track frameset - Futura

Greetings, I am offering to the list following items. Top item is of course the Colnago frame, which is very nice. I knew why I didn't get it in my size. Please feel free to ask questions. mfg, dustin

Pictures of the Colnago can be viewed here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25335385@N07/sets/72157604387263795/ the other frames are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25335385@N07/sets/72157604547598788/

NEW \u201cFutura\u201d Colnago track frameset.

This frame is one of 38 of a series produced by Colnago together with the La Carrerra bike shop in Toronto. The frame design is by well-known Graffiti artist Futura. The frame is essentially a custom Master frameset, including the chrome head lugs, engravings, etc. The fork is straight and for aheadset and tall enough to fit any desire. Frame number is 8A222 and is stamped in the rear right-hand d-o. Frame size is 57.5 c-t, top being 57cm c-c. The frame is flawless. The gold lettering on the right hand side fork crown is not correctly on the engraving.

I am asking $10,000 shipped worldwide. No paypal, just cashiers check or cash.

The matching accessories can be found at http://www.lookmanobrakes.com

50s Andre Bertin frameset

Another choice frameset. This is an old Bertin frame, and it has seen use. As you can tell by the pictures the bottom of the top tube has the paint worn off and there is a good amount of fading on the front portion of the frame. The tubing is Durifort, the dropouts are not labeled. The chrome is in good general shape; there is an inchs worth of chip on the fork and some on the left-hand chain stay. There is a pulley cable-guide on the right hand side of the bb. The only braze-ons include two top tube cable stops and two pump holders, also on the top tube. Frame number is 46472 stamped onto the left rear drop. Frame size is 58cm c-t as stamped on the drop as well. It comes with headset (rough) but no bb. I am asking $420 shipped worldwide. I accept paypal.

Late 70s Grandis frameset.

This is quite a yummy frameset. Grandis is known for their handiwork, and you can see examples of this when you check out the details on the bb shell and brake bridge. The stay caps are engraved, as is the fork crown and the steerer. The frame is used but in good shape. The paint is scuffed where the FD was mounted and there are the odd paint chips (under the bb, one each on the outside of the seat stays and one under the dt from a mounted bottle cage). There is surface rust on the fork crow, which should be polished away. Frame size is 56cm c-c as stamped on the bb. I am asking $920 shipped worldwide. I accept paypal.

1981ish Vicini Cromovellato frameset

This is a tasty example of fine cromovellato finishing. The frameset is a Vicini Super Record from ca. 1981. Ardath Bey has an example of one built up on wooljersey (www.wooljersey.com/gallery/b-r-m/Vicini/). His was obviously stripped of the lacquer on the tubes, though. These frames are a rare find due to the fact that cromovellato required a lot more care in the finishing than a regular paint job. The frame is engraved pretty much everywhere; bb shell, steerer, fork crown, stay cap and head lugs. The fork is incredibly delicate with the tangs coming out of nowhere and the dropouts are milled. Tubing is SL. The chrome is in top shape on this bike. The cable for the RD is internal on the chain stay. The Lacquer has been touched up in several places, some nicely other a little crude. There was a bottle cage mounted on the seat tube and even though it was taped off there are scuffs to the paint. Frame size is 57cm c-t with a 56cm c-c top tube. The frame comes w/o bb. I am asking $925 shipped worldwide. I accept paypal.

-- dustin nordhus fehrbelliner straße 5 d - 10119 berlin

tel. 030 - 960 8 83 23

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