Re: [CR]Stronglight Crank-Extractor Thread Pitch ?

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Date: Sun, 25 May 2008 18:05:13 -0400
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Subject: Re: [CR]Stronglight Crank-Extractor Thread Pitch ?

yes richardo,

i think you answered your own question.. though i think an easier way to say it is that the second dimension (1mm) specifies the distance between each thread...

it IS strange that the labeling for italian headset threadings (per example) mix the two standards, but at least serves to indicate that they differ in the angle of the threads @ 55 degrees versus the more current standard of 60 deg. right ?

andrei padlowski brooklyn, nj



When you specify metric threads, that second number (in this case, the "x 1mm") indicates how much the fastener advances every full revolution of the head (so the Stronglight extractor advances 1mm per turn). If you're buying/using a thread dressing file for metric threads, you'll need to get one and use the size/end for 1mm threads (pretty standard).

A 1mm metric thread would correspond to 25.4 threads per inch in SAE parlance. You'll even see this number bandied about in some thread specifications, even though instances where thread systems are mixed and match this way turns my stomach a bit.

Scott Minneman San Francisco, CA, USA

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Ahoy !

Re: Older Stronglight Crank-Extractor Thread (AT) 23.35mm x 1mm

There are several thousand "Stronglight" positngs in the CR archives. So, while I am tediously scrolling, I am also asking the question here, please.