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Date: Sun, 25 May 2008 20:49:54 -0500

... it's not a poster, i believe it's a front car sign. ... 21 and a half inch lateral, 18 or so inches top to bottem.

... white carboard construction with black printing.

the lower right corner has been neatly severed at a right angle. (possibly where it was mounted on a car fender)

it has some water foxing at the top and a little bit at the left bottem.

i believe we can save what is left ....

robert clair
alexandria, va 22308

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> Michaels Cyclery was at Main and Kellogg in Ames, IA.
> I was the Team Mechanic and Equipment Manager from 1978-end of 1983. I
> did
> all of the Raleigh 753 bikes including the frameset that LeMond won the
> '79
> Junior Worlds on. The framesets came directly from Gerald O'Donovan's
> Ikeston(sp?) TI Raleigh Team works shop in England. I spoke with him
> several times.
> Steve Wood came to the team the year following his USCF National
> Championship road race win in Milwaukee, WI. I think those four riders
> plus
> Andy Hampsten and Steve Tilford made up the 1980 Coor's Classic Team.
> I won the Campagnolo Mechanics Award that year at theCoors' Classic. Ed
> Burke was the trainer, my wife was the cook, a kid named Tim was the "Team
> Boy" and Michael Fatka the Team Director. We were the best looking team
> there. I used black cloth handlebar tape but on the last day, North
> Boulder
> Park Criterium, I used white with talc powder. Our riders just freaked
> when
> they saw their bikes that morning. The other teams knew we were there for
> business, and we didn't disappoint.
> I do not remember the poster. If there was one, I would have had it. You
> most likey have some sort of photograph but I would like to see it.
> Contact
> Team Boss Michael Fatka to verify.
> Andy Bohlmann
> Colorado Springs, Colorado
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>> ... we're looking at a torn up poster from Michael's in Des Moines,
>> back
>> in the day.
>> demgen
>> bradley
>> keifle
>> wood
>> it's going to be a bitch to get it back together. but we'll give it a
> try.
>> my framer, rose, can frame your ... anyway ...
>> robert clair
>> alexandria, va 22308
>> usa